Meygol is a brand of gold and handmade jewelry that started its activities in the field of design, execution and manufacture of all kinds of handmade jewelry with emphasis on the use of natural materials such as gold, silver, steel as well as all kinds of organic and semi-organic stones in 1396. Appeared.

نمونه کار استودیو خلاقیت آی دیزاین - Meygol

 Utilizing modern methods and theories of science and aesthetics and collaborating with tasteful designers with pure and original ideas while considering Iranian customs and culture for making jewelry has always been an important and basic principle for the Meygol collection, which is based on this from the beginning. Is founded.

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In designing the Meygol logo, in relation to the field of activity of this brand, the concepts of elegance and proportion have been used to be consistent with the nature of the work, and also infinite elements have been used in the structure of the work to induce uniqueness to the audience. It is worth mentioning that in order to differentiate with the competitors, duplicate elements have been avoided. According to the brand brief and the requests of the employer, the most suitable style for this brand was the WORDMARK style. In this style, the selected font should be in line with the goals and activities of the company and using a conceptual or simple typography technique, you should have a strong logo that will significantly help to recognize your brand among the audience.

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Regarding the color scheme of the Meygol brand logo, the choices should be as specific and elegant as the scope of the Meygol brand. Gold, turquoise, and crimson were some of the best color choices.

Gold is associated with warmth and creativity, and turquoise is a symbol of connection and relaxation; The combination of these two together makes it unique, which is the principle of Meygol's activity.

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