Have you ever seen people in front of restaurants and passages wearing the clothes of a cartoon character and performing a series of fascinating movements? Their goal is to connect and attract children, adolescents and young people. Using that cartoon character, they will establish a visual connection with you so that you can visit their business. In fact, their goal is to create enthusiasm between the audience and their business. Some people turn their cartoon characters into their business logo. What is this style of logo design called and what is it suitable for businesses? We answer these questions below.

Mascot (character logo)

Mascot or character logos are logos that contain a painted character. They are usually cartoonish and have a happy mood and have an attractive color and image. Mascot logo style is the best option to create a character that reflects your business and product.

The most famous mascot logos are the KFC, Pringles and Planter’s Mr.Peanut.

mascot logo sample

mascot logo sample 

Mascot logo is not very popular and few businesses use this style, but it should be noted that this type of logo encourages users to interact and causes good marketing on social networks and even the real world.

The Mascot logo is very attractive but may cause problems when printing. Some logos have a lot of details and when printed on promotional items, the exact details are not printed and the image is not seen well. If you want to have a special character and personality of Your brand and do not worry about issues such as printing items, etc., you can trust the designers of iDesign Studio.

Sample of a Mascot logo designed in iDesign Studio :

mascot logo sample design in idesign

mascot logo sample designed in IDesign studio


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