Many companies want to spread the word about their brand. To do this you need to use your company name for the logo. That's what the world's big companies like Coca-Cola and Google did. For this purpose, you should use a typography style design or logotype (wordmark). What is  logotype? What are the features of the logotype style? And who is the right wordmark logo ? Then, we’re going to answer these questions.

Wordmark (LogoType)

Wordmark or logo type (one of 7 types of logos) is like a monogram. The difference is that in the typography style (logotype) instead of using the first letters of the brand, the whole brand name is used.

If you have chosen an attractive and memorable name for your business, using a conceptual or simple typography technique, you will have a strong logo that will significantly help to recognize your brand among the audience.

For example, the world's largest companies that have used the logotype style to design their logos include Coca-Cola, FedEx and Disney.

logomark sample

wordmark logo sample 

In logotype design style, what is very important is the concept and attractiveness of the logo. Take the Sony Vaio logo, for example. Vaio's scope of work is the production and supply of computers and laptops. The logo designer of this brand has divided the logo into two parts. The letters ‘V’ and ‘A’ represent analog waves, and the letters ‘I’ and ‘O’ represent the codes zero and one, which are used in electronics and computer and digital systems (binary). The same Vaio brand shows how professional and unique logo design can be.


Like the monogram style, in the logotype, the choice of font is very important. If you have a proprietary font for your brand, you will make your brand unique. And having a proprietary font is not enough. Your font should be consistent with the goals and activities of the company. What style of logo design you like depends on your taste, but to choose wisely, it is better to pay attention to your brand goals. Large companies usually use simple but professional and meaningful symbols and logos. The logo may not be important in the first place, but once your brand is in place, the thing that reminds you of that brand is your logo.

As we mentioned, your font and logo should be related to your brand, simplicity and readability should be considered in it, and it should have a good visual beauty and show your visual identity professionally. This is what “iDesign Creativity Studio” does Gives. The purpose of iDesign is to design a logo that fits your scope and goals. So if you are worried about the future of your business, leave the design of your brand to us.

Logotype portfolio designed in iDesign Studio:


wordmark logo sample design by idesign

wordmark logo sample designed in IDesign studio


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