One of the 7 logo design styles is the monogram or Lettermark that many famous companies and brands have used this style to design their logo. What is monogram or lettermark logo ? And what are their advantages and features? And who is the right monogram logo? In this article, we will answer these questions.

Lettermark or Monogram

If you have a business with a long brand name , this style of logo design (lattermark or monogram) is right for you. The monogram logo is an abbreviation of your business name and is usually used with the first letters of the company name. The use of the initials of the brand reduces the visual clutter and keeps the brand Summarized.

For example, the “National Aeronautics and Administration Space” logo uses the word NASA for its brand. Because it is much easier for the audience to read, write and remember than to memorize the whole name of the organization.

Other popular monogram logos include HP (Hewlett-Packard), CNN (Cable News Network) and LV (Louis Vuitton).


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In designing  monogram logo, due to the use of the alphabet, choosing a suitable and professional font is very important, which is the responsibility of the logo designer. Depending on the nature of the brand, the type of font and visual elements used in the logo design will vary.

Just as a unique name sets you apart from your competitors, a professional logo is just as impressive. One of the most important effects of a logo on your business is that it makes it easier for your audience to draw attention to your business.So be more careful in choosing the logo designer and visual identity of your business.

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Monogram style logos designed in iDesign Studio:

Portfolio logo monogram designed in iDesign