Have you ever noticed the logo of sports clubs? Take the Liverpool club logo, for example. This style of logo, which is a combination  logo, is suitable for specific businesses and brands. This style of logo is called emblem, which we will explain about this style of logo in the following.

Emblem logo

The emblem logo is a combination of image, icon and text and usually have a traditional and old look that can be effective for some businesses. The emblem logo is mostly used for clubs, schools and government agencies.

For example, the Liverpool, Starbucks and Harley-Davidson logos are emblem .

emblem logo sample

Emblem logo sample 

The problem with the emblem logo is its complexity and high detail, which makes it less flexible than other styles. For example, it is difficult to print emblem logos on a business card and usually the details are not well seen. Or, for example, if the logo is sewn on clothes like a hat, you have to leave the logo alone.

So this style is not suitable for all businesses and is usually used for public agencies, schools and sometimes the food industry. If you want to make sure that the emblem logo is suitable for your business or not, consult the designers of iDesign Studio. The designers of iDesign Studio will suggest the best logo style suitable for your business.

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