Do you sometimes doubt whether to use a pictorial logo or a logotype? Or the potential of your business is that the image is not enough to express your field of work. . In these cases, you can use the composition, image and text. What is this style of logo called and what are its features? We have written about this in the following.

Combination Logo

In this model of logo, image and text are combined. They can be stacked on top of each other or next to each other. Combined logo Due to the combination of image and text, it has high flexibility in design.

For Example , The logos of the Burger King, Doritos and lacoste brands are a combination.

combination logo

combination logo sample

In the future, after your business becomes famous and established, you can remove one of the two logo combinations,  text or image, from your logo. It is very important what image and what font and shape to use in the text. Combined logo design should be done so that there is a fit and harmony between the image and the text. The designers of iDesign Studio can do this in the best way with their skills in this field.

Sample logo combination designed in iDesign Studio:

combination logo design by idesign

combination logo sample designed in IDesign studio


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