Have you ever noticed the Adidas brand logo? The Adidas logo has a special meaning and concept that does not use a well-known image such as an “Apple” apple or a “Twitter” bird. This style of logo design is called abstract style, the full description of which is given below. In this article, we want to answer the questions of what is an abstract logo, what are its features and who is suitable for it.

Abstract Logo

An abstract logo is like pictorial logo. The difference is that in abstract design style, instead of using well-known images, abstract geometric techniques are used, which in a way indicates the scope of your brand.

Consider the Adidas logo. As mentioned above, the Adidas logo has a special meaning. The three-line Adidas logo, which looks like a mountain, means that you can overcome all your goals and challenges and reach the top of success. On the other hand, these three parallel lines also mean the athlete's moderation and balance.

abstract logo sample adidas


Other popular abstract logos include the Spotify , Pepsi and Nike logos.

abstract logo sample

abstract logo sample 

One of the advantages of an abstract logo is that you are free and do not necessarily have to use an image (usually the theme of a particular culture). You can depict the business theme of your brand by using different symbols and various geometric shapes and many colors and shapes. For example, you can research the Olympic logo and the concept of logo rings.

Therefore, fully covering the subject matter of your business in logo design in the best possible way is something that is very important in abstract logo design. The color, the general shape of the logo, the proportions, the sharpness or softness of the logo and finally the visual connection of the audience are involved in the design of the abstract logo. To do this, you need to choose a designer who meets all the above issues and guarantees the future of your business. In fact, design a logo that fits your business and, most importantly, your audience. If you want all this together, leave the design of your logo and visual identity to iDesign studio team.

Sample of abstract logo designed in iDesign Studio:

abstract logo sample design by idesign

abstract logo sample designed in IDesign studio

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